Saturday, January 8, 2011


BOY frustrate me. i hate HIM.i hate HIS game..Do you love me or don't you ? Just tell me,so i can get over u lah ! i hate when HE make me fall in love wif the beginning it's alwez fine,everything is great,and i think he's 'the one'

no,no,no im not bitter, im not mad but I HATE U BOY ! i think,they suck , and my friends agree wif ! i feel lucky every day when i'm not with you ! 

Go,go,go..i'm not supposed to love him , i'm not supposed to care , i'm not supposed to live mylife wishing you were there , to wonder where you are , what you do... i am sorry i can't love you enimore.i search for GOD , and found only , i'm in love wif myself.

i <3 saya.muah.muah.muah.hihi(=

+ i neva love boy the way i love myself ok ! +

i am me (=


  1. jie : hehe.sajo jie.puah2.blaja jiwolah.heeee(=

    zarra : yela yang.i <3 u oke (=