Monday, October 25, 2010

hello , i'm happy.i am cool.thanks GOD give me lovely princess.she' make my world with heart full of love <, i have mygirl to share with , who'll understand.she's make me laugh,give me back my smile,full of hapiness and we alwez together ! we went through moments that were good and bad,even moment that were happy and sad.she suported me when i was in tears.

* Thanks to all my girls for all the things that mean so much to me,for concern & understanding. you're my friends and that is're almost part of my life.

thank you my girl. i love you .

i love you (=

Friday, October 1, 2010

boy vs girl

Lately,ramai sgt kawan aku yang break off.skali fikir break off ni satu wabak yg boleh's dangerous ! 
Pas satu,satu.kesian~..pulun duk bekapel betaon2,tup-tup hmmm..bila tanya-tanya,apa punca dia.mesti jawapan nye, 'alah biase lah.laki wat prangai'.hurmm..boys suck, so girl throw rocks at them ! all the boys are the same ! so what ?

hey B ! the G ni loving tau.plss,and pliss jangan kecewakan G.we're fragile.bila seseorang G itu mula mencintai , maka G akan setia mencintai B.taknak pandang orang lain dah.' u don't have to worry boy , when a girl tell u, that she love u.she'll forever love u !'

hey G! don't cry for the B. we need to proud , be a girl that full of HEART !

* BOYS , pls and pls.. if u just play a fool , get out of my way !