Sunday, November 7, 2010

wasting time

i wonder how much i waste my time in a day.malas betul lah nak study ni.i'm sitting here, ( update blog ) , stalking fb , ym n blablabla...
 i have to study now. ' jaty , study ! esok exam ok ! ' .my surgical book is sitting open next to me , and i'm thingking ' eh , i don't really have time to read much ' haha. i spent my entire day studying more like finding activities to give myself excuse not to study. 'urm , sakit perut ni , makan lah jap'..'ngantok lah,tido la jap'...'eh,bosan la,jom kuar'.....and seriously i'm lagging so much ! whoaa 
uarg, malas nak study :(

Pass the exam and get a good result without study is not funny oke ? (perasan! tu orang len lah.bukan anda jaty! ). i think i have forgoten 80% of what i've learn..
when all the students was study n struggle for next paper.i find activities to give myself excuse not to study.' who's free today , muvee jom? urm , shopping ka , lepaking at mc d best gak.jom?! '

wif my girl.lepaking at mcd.burp(:

*Pray GOD that i'll pass and get 3.5 and above (like before).hihi.

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  1. good luck in ur life and exam. do it as u will life forever...